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I am looking to put some nfc tags into a brochure for a company that sells windows. The tags will link to a virtual reality style video so people can see the designs. 

I understand from this website that i need to make sure the reader can understand where to put the phone but i'm still confused on the logo to use. 

Am i right in thinking that if i use the nfc forum logo that i need to get it approved ? and does the 'apple' three bracket logo belong to Apple or can anyone use it ?

Posted : 08/07/2019 9:53 pm
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i've used both the nfc forum logo and the N)) logo and didn't see any noticeble performance difference between them. i did always add the the nfc letters as it mentions elsewhere on this site. worth saying that don't expect many people to scan the smartposter. i added a qr code as well and that didn't get much response either.

Posted : 09/07/2019 8:52 pm
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I think the N)) 'rapidnfc' logo works the best. clear and simple.

Posted : 10/07/2019 10:55 pm
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Not sure if the logo page on this website makes it clear or not but the nfc logo with just four curvy brackets is a registered trademark to emvco. According to their website written authorisation is required to use it. Using three curly brackets seems to be just fine and in my opinion looks the best. I don't like the N on the N)) logo !

Posted : 08/08/2019 11:09 am
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This is a very important point and correct. While the four bracket version has been used in various situations, we also recommend the simple three bracket or N)) versions. If you use the NFC Forum N-Mark logo, then we'd also strongly recommend that you look through the NFC Forum's usage guidelines. 

Posted : 08/08/2019 9:30 pm
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Why isn't there a standard NFC logo like the bluetooth logo ? The nfc forum logo doesn't seem to be used much.

Posted : 10/08/2019 4:20 pm
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I don't know much at all about NFC but I agree with Kartj that there really should be a standard logo.

Posted : 21/08/2019 11:31 am

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