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Colour printed nfc tags  

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I'm looking for some colour printed NFC tags with my logo or even perhaps tags that I can print myself. Anyone help ?

Posted : 21/08/2019 11:23 am
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Seritag offers a full range of custom printed colour NFC Tags. Various chips, materials and formats - just contact us. 

With regards tags that you can print yourself, there's a few options. Most of the white NFC tags we sell can be printed by thermal transfer printers. You might need to experiment to find the best ink ribbons but most customers use the resin rather than wax options. Because the surface is uneven it's normal to run the printers quite slowly as well to get the best print results. We would recommend that you also make sure that if your printer allows you to adjust the print head pressure then you reduce this to as low as possible. 

For full colour printing NFC tags then it gets a little more difficult. A few years ago Seritag experimented with full A4 sheets of labels that could be laser or inkjet printed. While the quality was good, we found that some printers have quite an aggressive print path and this could result in dead tags. In the end we stopped developing and stop selling because there simply wasn't any demand. Partly, the problem with A4 is that if you only want to print one at a time then you need to keep track of where you have printed and keep running the sheets through. It's a hassle. 

The other option was paper faced standard NFC tags on a reel. The paper face meant that the tags could be printed by a colour label printer. We sold these for a while and found that demand was again very low. A decent colour label printer is expensive and the actual cost,in terms of ink, of using them is very high. So, the investment someone would have to make to print a few colour labels was therefore also high. Additionally, we only used to stock one size/shape of label. For people wanting custom labels, this didn't always work and the cost and lead time of making up labels for a client meant that, ultimately, it didn't make sense. There was also the issue that it's not exactly easy setting up the printers. Alignment issues on the smaller tags seemed to be an issue. 

However, the market is changing. We won't be stocking the A4 sheets again but are considering stocking paper faced labels so customers who use the labels in stores and warehouse applications have an option. If you are looking for print your own NFC tags then let us know and we'll discuss the options. 

Posted : 25/08/2019 9:06 am
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Is it possible to also create colour printed NFC window stickers ?

Posted : 05/09/2019 7:25 pm
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There are two ways to create NFC window stickers. The easiest is simply get some normal window stickers printed up and attach an NFC tag to the back. 

The second is a fully laminated unit where you have print on both sides and the tag hidden in the middle. 

The first way is great for low quantities to test or do a fast rollout. The second fully laminated option is very expensive in low quantities but is ideal for professional projects in larger quantities.

Seritag can advise or provide both options.

Posted : 05/09/2019 10:43 pm

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