Can nfc tags be sca...

Can nfc tags be scanned through glass ?  

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Want to use nfc tags on window stickers for a community shopping scheme. Will go behind different thicknesses and types of glass. Will the tags still scan and which tags should i use ?

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Yes. NFC tags can be scanned through glass. You need to take into account the thickness of the glass when choosing your tag to ensure adequate scan distance. 

As a general rule, we would recommend a 38mm size tag to gain the maximum scan distance performance. 

Also consider that the tag needs to be close or on the glass on the other side. If, for example, you have a poster with the tag attached, make sure that the poster is next to or as close as possible to the glass. 


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I've been working with some of my client son NFC window stickers and as a receommendation, it's important to put the stickers quite high. Many stores put the stickers quite low and nobody bends down to scan the tags. the higher and more shoulder level they are the more people interact with them.


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