Can I put a label o...

Can I put a label over an NFC tag ?  

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Looking to put a large map label over a normal nfc sticker (the clear one). Is there any reason why this would not work ?

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Yes. In fact, it's very common when standard NFC tags are used outside. A larger, long life vinyl sticker placed over a normal NFC tag can provide the extra protection needed against the weather. 

Few things to consider. Make sure that the over-sticker is larger than the NFC tags. You want to create a 'pillow' so that the edges of the main tag are covered. If the main sticker is large, then make sure you indicate where the user needs to place their phone to scan the tag. NFC tags have a short read range and it's important to make sure that on a larger label, you make it clear where the hotspot is. 

Finally, make sure there's no metallic ink in the label. We've seen instances where embossed or metallic based inks can have an effect on the performance of the tag. It might not stop it actually working but any metal in front of the tag can interfere with the performance. 

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i embed nfc tags in wood and they still work fine !

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Doesn't the phone have to see the nfc tag ?


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