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adding a qr code to an nfc tag  

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I'm working on a project to tag some limited edition furniture items. I have read through the website here (thank you seritag!) but I'm still not sure whether to use qr codes as well as nfc tags. I want to use nfc as I like the idea of being able to hide the tags into the furniture. if I use qr, then I would have to use a label on the outside and i'm not sure how to get the qr code to match the the nfc as well. 

so. general question. is it worth using qr as well or for a future looking furniture product can i get away with just usnig nfc ?

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It's a very common question and there's no single answer. Many people would argue that if you don't mind having a QR code visually on your furniture you might want to have both right now. While almost all modern phones now support NFC, some people might just prefer to use a QR code.

Having said that, with the percentage of mobile phones not supporting NFC already very small and getting smaller, we would argue that using just NFC tags now is certainly an option. It would also allow you to embed the tags into your furniture for a clean look and also provide a bit of a magic 'wow' factor when people actually scan the tags.  

Worth mentioning of course that Seritag can provide printed NFC tags with the QR Code already on and synced or associated with the NFC tag data. So you would only need to apply one label. 


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